Corporal Punishment

Topics: Crime, United States, Criminology Pages: 2 (465 words) Published: December 17, 2008
I feel that corporal punishment should be necessary throughout the United States of America. Corporal punishment is the infliction of physical injury on someone that has committed a crime. Historically, corporal punishment has been dealt with very well, the punishment was pain, injury, humiliation, and degradation it inflicted would deter the offender from committing similar crimes in the future. In the past everyone thought twice before committing a crime because they were aware of the punishment. In my opinion, if corporal punishment was enforced in the United States of America our overall crime rate will be reduced dramatically. If our crime rate is lowered, less people’s lives will be taken away. These days in America, people think they could do whatever they want, such as committing crimes, felonies, misdemeanors and they will not be penalized harshly for their actions. Most of the time they will find away around it and do very little jail time, plead insanity, or even get away with it. By having corporal punishment in America, people will think twice before committing a crime, because they will be aware of the consequences.

Corporal punishment was and still is a huge factor throughout some parts of the world. Other places that have enforced corporal punishment have very low crime rates, because they are very strict about what goes on where they live. Their judicial system makes sure that no crime will be committed without a substantial punishment. Even though America is a very rich and powerful, we feel like we should be used as an example as a great nation. But in my opinion we should not think we are so big and powerful, we can’t even contain our criminal rate, it’s just to high!

If our president, mayors, and governors do something to enforce corporal punishment, I think we will be respected more as a nation. It will show that we will let nothing illegal go by without receiving consequences. I also think other countries will think twice...
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