Coronary Case Study Essay

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1. Coronary _____ heart disease. _____(Plus) today's test. _____(Plus) the angioplasty _____ in 1995. _____ the coronary bypass surgery is _____(single vessel) in _____(LA) then 7/1995. _____(Subset) see previous retrograded _____ are 45%.
2. History of retinal embolus. _____(So) today he is on Plavix, because of this problem.
3. Osteoarthritis involving both hips.
4. _____(BPH).

The patient presents at this time _____(saying) he does well _____(with) his heart. He has not been very active, because of severe pain in his hips. He is seeing Dr. [Name], who plans to do a hip replacement of his left hip in the next few months. Patient states that he is having no chest discomfort, no shortness of breath.

The patient is a pleasant, _____(elderly) gentleman in no distress, at present. He does walk with a limp, as he walks up the hall.
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Pulse rate of 60, and regular. Weight is _____(146.25) pounds, BMI is 22.3.
EKG reveals left anterior fascicular block, previous anterior _____(s/l cervical) myocardial infarction.
Neck had no bruits, no _____.
Lungs are clear.
Heart: Single, first, and secondary sound without murmurs or gallops.
Abdomen: No _____, and _____ enlargement of his aorta.
Extremities has goods pulses with no edema.

_____ I think the patient certainly can go ahead with his hip replacement surgery. I see no evidence of recurrent myocardial ischemia or _____. He does have some conduction to lay on his electrocardiogram, but nothing that presents a worsening of the AV

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