Controversy and Twentieth Century Music

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Controversy and Twentieth Century Music

Controversy and Twentieth Century Music
The music has presented ever-changing throughout history. A variety of musicians has passed through each century leaving a lasting impression on the world. Each musician gave you a piece of him or her and how he or she saw the world of music and life through his or her eyes (Kamien, 2011). The write will elaborate on two well-known musicians of the 20th century, and then contrast and compare a 20th century musician song and a modern day song which both had aspects of controversial issues within each work. Ravels lacked emotion within his music. His music had extended harmonies. In his time, Ravels music was seen as very controversy. It seems as if his music had no feeling. The music seemed just to play. There was no intimacy or remembrance by it. When Ravels wrote this piece, it was as if he separated himself from everything around him. Although his music was bland, Ravels stayed true to his form of music. His music put a person in the mind of elevator music that has vague melodies. One can forget that the music is playing in the background after a while. Stravinsky music was unpredictable. It was as if he created a box around him and said, "This is what I am going to play, and you can either like or dislike, because I do not care and will play it." Stravinsky broke away from the romantic period and any other period. He created his own period. The Romantic period had a wide range of emotions of love, war, sadness, hurt, pain, sorrow, vengeances, scorn, betrayal, and a variety of other feelings and expressions. Stravinsky and Ravels music was totally different from all of the romantic period expressions and fell into the categories of his own. Comparing Stravinsky's music "La Sacre du Printemps" to Beyonce Knowles song "Drunken Love" can get a little tricky. Stravinsky music was reported as controversial to the public for the weird tones and textures that erupted from...

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