Contributing Factors of Incest

Topics: Family, Victim, Sibling / Pages: 2 (279 words) / Published: Jan 1st, 2013
SOCIAL ILLS: INCEST For this assessment, our group was assigned for a topic on one of social ills. In Malaysia, incest now rampant and sadly, this disgusting taboo is almost entirely involved the Malay. Incest is a sexual activity between two people who are closely related in a family, for example a brother and a sister or a father and a daughter. Our group has discussed thoroughly the topic and discovered the contributing factors, effects, and last but not least is conclusion that we can make from this topic. As for my part, I emphasized on the contributing factors of incest. There are several aspects contribute to the increasing cases of incest especially in Malaysia. For the victims who being raped several times, it was claimed that the victims keep things silent before lodging a report. When asked, the victim said that when she reported to her mother of being raped, the mother refused to believe and asked to not tell others. It was said that the mother was trying to protect the son and also claimed that it was embarrassing to let others know. Apart from that, lack of supervision from the parents also caused incest. This commonly happens to a family which both parents are busy working and hardly be at home. The parents usually asked the brother to assist in caretaking and put the trust on the older brother to look after his younger sister. As the parents put too much trust on the brother, he wouldn’t hesitate to sexually abuse his sister because he knew that the parents wouldn’t believe if the sister tells their parents. This situation leads the victims to keep

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