Contribute to the Support of Positive Environments for Children and Young People

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CU1513 – Contribute to the support of positive environments for children and young people 1.1. Describe what is meant by a positive environment? Whatever age group or setting you are working with, you must plan an environment that encourages the development of the whole child. First of all you think about the different settings that children and young people aged 0-16 years may experience. These settings have both indoor and outdoor physical spaces that need to be considered. The layout of the physical environment is your team’s responsibility and contributes to giving each child positive outcomes in their learning, and development. The available space will influence the way the furniture and equipment is set out. While it is important to create an attractive environment, everything should be safe, secure and have purpose that supports each area of the children 1.2. Identify regulatory requirements that underpin a positive environment for children and young people. A positive environment for children and young people must be a safe place to work in, so a number of legal health and safety requirements are in place. Whatever the setting, policies and proceduresguide the working practice of the staff and ensure the requirement are carried. All settings that have under 16 year olds on site for more than two hours a day are likely to be inspected by Ofsted and will have to meet certain requirements. These are detailed in Ofsted national standards. These are some examples: Heating

* Tempreture at 15-18 degrees or 20-22 degrees for babies * Fireguards in front of fires
* Radiators and pipes covered
* Smoke alarms and emergency equipment available.

lighting and electricity
* All areas well lit for full visibility
* Current breakers for all electrical equipment
* Plugs covered
* Window opens when nesscesery to circulate air so that there are no draughts * The space used must meet basic requirements
* Locks and toughened glass on window
Doors and gates
* All the external gates and doors locked and coded as appropriate * Handles and locks out of reach of children
* Safety gates to BSI standard
* Toughened glass when needed
Outdoor and indoor surfaces
* Stable
* Non-slippery
* Soft under climbing equipment
* Easily cleanable

Access points.
These must be kept clear, unlocked and made known to all children and adults, including visitors, in the case of an emergency evacuation. 3.1. Explain how to effectively care for children and young people’s skin, hair and teeth Childrens personal care needs to cover hair, teeth and personal hygiene, so that they can be healthy and develop appropriately. You will play a prt in supporting these needs and ensuring that they are an important aspect of your setting. For younger children, hygiene and care are seems as an important part of the curriculum. You will need to make sure that children’s sin, hair and teeth are appropriately cared for. Babies have different needs to older children and young people. As children grow up they become more independent in their skin and hair care routines. You must work with parents to find out their skin and hair care routines. Every family has different routines, needs and traditions. The parents will also be able to advice on the best products to use if their child has an allergy or irritation.

Skincare helps to stop infection to the rest of the body, if a hild has dirty skin or an infection, he or she will feel uncomfortable. Encourage the habit of washing their hands.

* Find out about chldren’s needs by talking to them or the parents * African-carribean children often have oil rubbed in hair, wear braids, and need less frequent hair washing * Allergies will require specific products

* Head lice are common, treatment varies and can include special combs and lotions. Toothcare
The way teeth are cared for is...
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