Contract for the International Sale of Goods

Topics: Legal documents, Transport, Memorandum of understanding Pages: 1 (511 words) Published: April 17, 2015
1) Letter of Intent is considered to be a discussion sheet and not a written contract where the companies are totally bond to complete the written acts. So considering the same, if the deal falls through, either of the company has to be bounded unless and until specified in the non-disclosure agreement. Letter of Intent is occasionally considered as the fact of bonding among the parties if LOI closely resembles a formal contract. LOI shorts with what do to when the deal among the parties doesn’t work. So there should be some sort of provision in the LOI that indicates what needs to be done when the deal doesn’t work. Such negotiation should also be agreed from both the side so that if the deal doesn’t work, at that time, companies doesn’t fight over the committed actions, on deal failing.

1) As the Semicontronics had a solid reputation among the clients for its quality products, Semicontronics should make sure that the products specifications of the company are same and are mate with the Singatron such that the product quality is maintained and the reputation. 2) Semicontronics is even know for its timely delivery of the goods, so Semicontronics should also make sure that the same good stories even continuous by giving the sub-contract to Singatron. 3) Semicontronics though considered to be well known and highly innovative company, not able to fulfill the requirement of the Phoneson, should make sure that by giving the sub-contract to the Singatron, they are able to complete it properly, i.e. to have a high memory computer chips in decent in-budget cost. 4) Actions plans for the shipping should be included in the contract. 5) Action plans for the faulty and damaged chips should be included in the contract. 6) Action plans for testing the fine products of the Singatron should be included such that Semicontronics make sure that they are making up a quality demanded and model product for the mass production.

3) Because of the incapability of...
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