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The company's practices or operations in it's organizational culture

The co-founder of Hong Leong Group Malaysia, YBhg Tan Sri Quek Leng Chan created the vision. Hong Leong Bank Vision is " An outstanding financial services organisation, highly competitive and profitable ,where people make the difference".Now, the Vision is declare and protect in the company culture, which is steadily rooted on the company core values of Entrepreneurship, Quality, Innovation, Human Resource, Honour, , Social Responsibility, Progress and Unity .

Hong Leong Bank is a profit organization .Hong Leong Bank is applying customer oriented concept for their company's practices. Customer oriented is the degree to which management focuses on understanding customer's needs and fulfill the customer satisfaction.Hong Leong Bank have undertaken extensive work to identify the customer's needs and opportunity for them to tap into new markets. Hong Leong Bank implemented a new branch strategy to meet the evolving needs of the customers.

Hong Leong Bank applying the process of attraction-selection-attrition and onboarding process in its company's practices. First, new employees are attracted to organizations where they will fit in. Then, new employees understand the organization's norms,value, and behavioral patterns through the process of onboarding which is organizational socialization process. Onboarding process is refers to the procedure through which new employees learn the information, manners, skills, and behaviors required to work effectively within an organization.

There are few visible level of cultures that the Hong Leong Bank are having. The first visible cultures that the Hong Leong Bank are having is rituals. Rituals is a programmed routines of every single day organizational life that dramatize the organization’s culture.For Hong Leong Bank, the managers train their employees to be polite and kind to their customers. For example, if the customers...
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