contemporary issues of education

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Education Problems in India have been in existence for quite some time now and these continue to dog the concerned. India has reached remarkable achievement in economic sector and this has brought a lot of changes in the education sector. But these changes have not turned to be sufficient to solve the ever-existent and ever-changing Education Problem in India. The problems of education system in India are of grave concern and this concern has not been ignored. The budget for education has been increasing over the years, During March 2011, Pranab Mukherjee, finance minister of India (2011) announced a meaty increase of 24% towards the education sector. It is yet to be seen if this is sufficient enough. Increase in budget allocation is not new but what doesn’t increase are the effect of these efforts, which have been far too less than compared to the western counterparts. India today is the Second Largest Higher Education Network in the World. There are 343 Universities and 17000 Colleges which are increasing in number with every passing year. A country with more than 1 Billion population has just one third population which can read. India accounts for World’s 30% illiterate. The literacy rate of India as per 2001 Population Census is 65.38%, with male literacy rate at 75.96% and female at 54.28%. So what is wrong and where is it wrong? Current Educational Problems in India

Inadequate, Improper distribution of Funds or Lack of it – Funds are the major reasons of the Education problem in India. If funds are available, they are not being used effectively. At times, the lack of funds hampers education and many times, the funds are just inadequate to solve the issue. According to a study, 30% of the total educational funds are allocated towards higher education leaving the primary education in lurch. The situation is worse in rural areas where funding is major problem as it fuels other problems like shortage of staff, lack of interest and motivation amongst teachers, insensitive attitude of the education department, lack of proper infrastructure and others. Lack of funds further create a lack of books and learning materials. Ever Increasing Population – India is the second most populous country in the world. The population of India in 2011 is about 1.21 billion and it is still increasing and by the time you have finished listening this line, it will have increased more than what’s shown. And why, one minute equals to about 51 births in India (2011). India represents almost 17.31% of the world's population, which means 1 out of 6 people in this world live in India. With the population growth rate at 1.58%, India is predicted to have more than 1.53 billion people by the end of 2030. India’s Sex Ratio (2011) is 940 females per 1,000 males. In a country where the sex ratio favours females, it automatically translates into more number of illiterates. More than 50% of India's current population is below the age of 25. The individual population of some of its states is equal to the total population of many countries. Illiteracy of large population supports further illiteracy and poverty itself is a factor which encourages illiteracy. Demand far exceeds the Supply – A classic case is that of shortage of teachers. The Student-Teacher Ratio is not balanced. Some of the rural schools have faculty which is not qualified enough which further degrades the quality of education. For example – if a classroom has 1 teacher and 50 students, the ratio is 1:50. This ratio is improper, for a single teacher to educate 50 students collectively is ineffective because it burdens the teacher and the every student will not get equal attention. It only defeats the objective of a school. The reason behind shortage of teachers is that a job Indian Education System is road filled with bumps and depressions. Teaching field is itself challenging and if more challenges are thrown in front of the struggling teachers, they will not only fret and fume, they will...
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