Contemporary Communication

Topics: Emotion, Psychology, Prediction Pages: 3 (286 words) Published: April 8, 2015

Contemporary Approaches to Studying Human Communication
Keith Hughes
ITT Tech

The article, “Demand-withdraw patterns in marital conflict in the home,” explores the linkage between the findings of demand-withdraw communication and spousal depression. The contemporary approach to communication in this article is Behaviorism. Behaviorism is to describe, predict and explain a certain behavior. This article describes the issue by addressing the studies that have taken place. It then continues on by saying the demand with-draws predicted negative emotions and tactics during marital interactions and lower levels of conflict resolution. There is an explanation on how the US couples provided diary reports of marital conflict and rated depressive symptoms in order for them to receive the correct data to accurately discuss/ research the issue. At the end of the article the sentence “Spousal depression was linked to increased likelihood of husband demand-wife withdraw,” (Jess K. Alberts, 2013) leads me to believe that this is another prediction that spousal depression is most likely linked to husband demand-wife withdraw but is not for certain.

The article “The experiences of older people who live with a long term condition” seems to describe, explain, and understand society in order to affect change, making its contemporary approach to communication, Critical. The focus of the study was to gain insight from people 65 and older who have lived with pre-existing long-term condition. Getting insight from that many people seems to fall under the category of understanding society in order to affect change. They are gathering information from a large group in order to proceed with their findings and gather accurate information.

Jess K. Alberts, T. K. (2013). Human communication in society. New Jersey: Pearson Education, Inc. .

Bibliography: Jess K. Alberts, T. K. (2013). Human communication in society. New Jersey: Pearson Education, Inc. .
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