Construction Economics

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University Modular Framework

Construction Economics


Module Guide 2011/12

Module Tutor: Dr. Turker Bayrak

Module Title: Construction Economics, LEM2030
Module Value: 1 (20 credits) at level 4
This module aims to develop decision making skills by introducing economic principles that underpin construction industry. This module provides an insight into the ways in which the economic environment affects the construction industry. The module has been designed to enable students to investigate, analyse and evaluate the implications of various economic theories on the construction industry and demonstrate knowledge and understanding of fundamental economics concepts. Learning Outcomes:

Knowledge and Understanding
a) Understand key economic concepts

b) Demonstrate how markets function

c) Use graphical illustrations to examine the impacts of supply and demand on construction industry

d) Understand economic inputs necessary for construction industry products Subject - specific Skills
e) Evaluate Construction Industry specific Economical concepts.

f) Analyse UK Construction Industry Economically.

Transferable Skills Development
In addition, this module will allow you to develop and improve your transferable skills. Using your experiences, assignment feedback and any other sources of information you will reflect on your performance in the following areas and identify any areas for development. Your reflections should be discussed with your tutor during your individual tutorials and will help you to develop your own learning improvement plan. Handouts to help you reflect on your performance will be attached to each assignment brief. g) Develop a proactive approach to meeting responsibilities, extending the scope of contributions to enhance outcomes

h) Integrate information from different sources to ensure consistent presentation

i) Organise, apply and communicate information to others appropriately

Teaching, learning and assessment strategy

The teaching of this module will take place through a range of lectures, discussions and seminars. Student learning will also be encouraged through the use of directed study and self-study activities and through the completion of a programme of modular assessments. The assessments will require students to demonstrate their understanding of economics as well as applying this knowledge to the construction industry. The presentation will require the student to research and present information individually to the rest of the peer group. The report will allow the learner to explore how economic principles can influence construction businesses. The case study will require learners to assess the impact of government economic policy of a construction business. While working on these assessments, students would need to demonstrate their ICT and analytical skills. | | | |TEACHING, LEARNING + ASSESSMENT ACTIVITIES |STUDY HOURS | |Lectures |40 | | |20 | |Self Reading/ Study | | |2,000 word assignment 1 |20 | |2,000 word assignment 2 |20 | |Individual Presentation...
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