conspiracy theories

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Dante Davis


Period 2

Conspiracy Theories

Many people believe the government plays a role in many different tragic events that have happened in the United States. Some of the events include the Boston Bombing, 9/11, The John F. Kennedy shooting and many, many more. Many people say that there is a secret society that the government controls called illuminati. Those behind conspiracies, who are the most evil people on earth, are incredibly powerful and intelligent, but occasionally very, very stupid (Elinoff).

Conspiracy Theory is a term that originally was a neutral descriptor for any claim of civil, criminal or political conspiracy. People like to go overboard with fact and fiction. People make things up that they think makes since because they don't know what else to believe and skepticism is not the same as reinforcing the official storyline(Elinoff), meaning that telling something you heard from someone that knows nothing about what actually happened.

The only way to the official storyline is if someone actually experienced the events that occurred. The biggest part of conspiracy theory is the fiction, fantasy or folklore(Dianna). That's how so many ideas pop up and people start to get scared and bring it upon our government because thats the people who are supposed to protect us, but people believe the government is actually trying to destroy us so we don't act out.

This is how people come up with the illuminati and they control everything from money to what happens daily. They some how tend to stay a secret but at the same time they are everywhere from our heros to our celebrities to our government, making them a secret society. Some even believe that these people are associated with the antichrist and worship him.

The Illuminati was found in 1776 (238 years old) and the constitution was written the same year and there have been many people that tried exposing them in the past such as Michael Jackson, 2Pac,...
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