Considering the dangers of cigarettes, banning them could potentially protect society from their dangerous effects.

Topics: Fossil fuel, Hydroelectricity, Wind power Pages: 3 (628 words) Published: November 14, 2013
The Benefits Of Alternative Resources

There are many different type of energy resource good and bad for the environment. Alternative Resources are the better of the two and are starting to become more and more popular all over the world. Alternative Resources not only are a lot better for the environment. They are affordable, because they come from materials that are free to us from the environment such as Solar, Wind , and Hydrogen resources.

Solar energy is one of the most resourceful sources of energy we have because of how much we have of it. Solar energy can be used for so many things from powering a car to heating water for your house meaning that you don’t there is no need to use gas or electricity. Solar energy is free and produces no waste keeping out the environment clean, building solar panels would allow energy to be stored up and then that energy can be used to power areas that don’t do not always get sunlight. Solar energy is a great way to generate power with something that is around us everyday.

Wind energy is another free resource that is easily available, that we are offered. In California wind generators supply a large amount of their energy through wind farms. Wind generators are a great way to supply energy in remote areas such as fields and farm lands wind farms can also bring it tourists to come see the large amazing power generators bringing in extra income. Since the wind farms are built scattered out and about all the land at the bottom of the wind mills can be used for farming and planting crops. Wind energy decrease smog and acid rain and is cheaper then any other type of electric generator.

Hydroelectric energy provides about 19% of the worlds electricity today producing no waste or pollution in the process. All hydroelectricity takes is a dam to be built and than the energy is free. Hydroelectric power stations produce a large amount of power for a very cheap price. Hydro energy is the second cheapest...
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