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CX1. Nature of conflict

1. ‘Conflict is inevitable.’ Humble honest
2. ‘Conflict occurs between the powerful and the powerless.’ 3. ‘Without conflict, there is no progress or change.’
4. ‘Conflicts from history can teach us many things about ourselves and the times in which we live.’ 5. ‘Social order can deteriorate into conflict and anarchy with disturbing ease.’ 6. ‘Conflict is a destructive force in our lives.’

7. ‘Conflict is an unavoidable part of being human.’
8. ‘We need some degree of conflict and tension if we are to experience the richness of being fully alive.’ 9. ‘Conflict is a clash of expectations.’
10. ‘Conflict is a fear of difference.’
11. ‘When conflict occurs the group becomes more important than the individual.’ 12. ‘Conflict is not all bad.’
13. ‘Some conflicts are unavoidable.’
14. ‘Conflict can be character-building.’
15. ‘The most dramatic conflicts are often personal.’
16. ‘There are rarely two clear cut sides in human conflicts.’ 17. ‘Conflict can corrupt.’
18. ‘Conflict is an inherent part of life; it is not necessarily negative.’ 19. ‘Conflict is a true test of human relationships.’
20. ‘Conflict is the true test of someone’s inner strength and understanding.’ 21. ‘It is not always easy to distinguish the innocent from the guilty in situations of conflict.’ 22. ‘One conflict always contains the seeds of another.’ 23. ‘History is shaped by conflict.’

24. ‘There is always more than one side to any conflict.’ 25. ‘Societies that have experienced historical conflict learn how to create social harmony.’ 26. ‘Sometimes we need to close our eyes and minds to reality if we want to avoid conflict.’

Key questions raised by this type of prompt:
• What are the different types and levels of conflict?
• Is it possible to live in a society without conflict? Or is conflict inevitable? • When analysing conflict, why is it important to explore the cultural/historical/social/economic/religious context of the conflict? • Do you think that those in positions of power are more or less likely to incite conflict to get what they want? Do the more powerful always win? • Are there always two valid sides to every conflict?

• Taking the long view of human history, does conflict rule, or do consent and harmony? Why?

2. How individuals/groups react to conflict

1. ‘People’s responses to conflict vary.’
2. ‘Often, how we respond to conflict depends on a variety of cultural factors out of our control.’ 3. ‘Who we are is truly tested and proven when we encounter conflict.’ 4. ‘Conflict can reveal unexpected qualities in an individual.’ 5. ‘An individual’s ability to deal with conflict is determined by their self-knowledge.’ 6. ‘Why conflict occurs is less important than how it affects people.’ 7. ‘It is through conflict that we grow.’

8. ‘It is how people deal with conflict and what they learn from it that is important.’ 9. ‘Conflict may change a person for the better.’
10. ‘Conflict brings out unexpected qualities in people.’ 11. ‘The process for self-discovery inevitably involves some kind of personal struggle.’ 12. ‘An encounter with conflict can make you a better person.’ 13. ‘The way we deal with conflict has an impact on how we relate to others.’ 14. ‘Conflict has only negative effects on individuals.’ 15. ‘The best way to deal with conflict is head-on, not by avoiding it.’ 16. ‘Staying true to our core values is the best way to deal with conflict.’ 17. ‘When conflict arises, it is impossible not to take a side. Everyone has a role.’ 18. ‘The initial response to conflict has an important influence on the outcome.' 19. ‘In times of conflict, ordinary people find themselves capable of great things.’ 20. ‘A person’s attitude to conflict can have a significant impact on its outcome.’ 21. ‘Encountering conflict can cause an individual to reassess their values.’ 22. ‘Heroes often emerge from conflict.’

23. ‘Individuals will always respond differently to conflicts.’...
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