Conflict Of Interests In Lone Star

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Conflict of Interests
In the film “Lone Star”, three of the characters, out of those two of them being the main characters have conflicts with the parents that birthed them. Pilar Cruz and her mother never quite see eye to eye on many topics and about certain people. The lead protagonist, Sam Deeds is constantly in the shadows of his father, while being the sheriff, he receives a great deal of turmoil for his leniency with residents of his town. While Otis Payne, one of the local bartenders, has a son in the army that he does not see much of, he cares a great deal for him. While time has passed between the two, they must set aside the differences they have had and start new.
Pilar’s mother is a hard working, respected elder in the community. She owns a restaurant that she manages very...

While stepping into those shoes, he is constantly afflicted by the problem of not being his father, who prior to this, many years ago, was the sheriff who no one could get anything over on. His hard rules and tough demeanor made him one of the most terrifying people in the county. While sam, who wants to keep the town he holds dear at heart safe, does not see the point of being a tyrant and abusing his power. Many saw Sam’s father as a person who did not take anybody’s lip and many saw Sam as an easy going fellow. The thing that nobody saw was how Sam did not want to be like his father, for he knew how he actually was.
Otis Payne, an owner of a bar in town, never really saw his son much. His son, a general in the U.S. Army, traveled a great deal and did not keep in contact with his father. Otis, who is held accountable for the relationships end, only wanted what was best for his son. This side of Otis was never seen by his son, who only saw a cold side from his father. The problem they come acrossed is not being able to communicate with each other properly to mend the relationship they unfortunately have not had...
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