Conclusion About Spratly Island

Topics: Spratly Islands, South China Sea, Republic of China Pages: 3 (935 words) Published: February 26, 2013
Conclusion about sparkly islands

The geographical location of the South China Sea is very important. It is a route that fishermen must take, is rich in fishery resources and has very rich petroleum reserves. This has made it a bone of contention between the countries in the region, resulting in a never-ending conflict, especially in the Spratly Islands. Each littoral state has occupied islands as a means of declaring their sovereignty over them, so there is a high level of tension in the area. Even a very slight change can have wide-reaching ramifications.    The Spratly Islands were historical and conventional ROC territory, but because of the distance, they could not be controlled effectively. As a result, many of the islands have been occupied by other countries, which have developed them actively. The most successful example is the way in which Malaysia has managed Swallow Reef. They have developed tourism and delimited the islands as falling within their jurisdiction; the methods they have used to declare sovereignty deserve to be studied carefully. We should develop Itu Aba Island and Pratas Island in a similar way to that in that Swallow Reef has been developed. That is, we should use the resources and the unique features of the islands efficiently, develop marine tourism, extend the ecological preservation areas and develop the potential of the islands so that they become world-renowned.    If all the countries in the region were to abandon their claims to sovereignty, develop collaborative relationships, help each other with navigation, fishing and petroleum exploration, while also protecting the natural environment and ecological preservation areas, then instead of tension, arguments and disputes there would be a peaceful, beautiful blue paradise!    Exploring the South China Sea, discovering islands and reefs of different sizes and experiencing the tropical environment is an immensely satisfying experience. If you have the chance to go there,...
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