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 Child development stagesAGE
Communication development
0-6 month
Around about birth not much socializinghappens however as they grow alot more socializing happens such as . baby may when in vision follow your head or hand movements .baby may smile at mum
.smiles at friendly voices
.makes new sounds like gaga

.Startles at loud sounds
.Hands will grast as a reflex
.sleeps most of the time around three months
.grasp reflex goes and hands keep open most of time
.eyes are bright and alert
.around 6 months first teeth apear
.starts to sit
.starts to roll
.head control is perfected
.Makes sounds like gaga

.Baby may when in vision follow you
Later on in the development
.quietens when hearing a new or familier sound
.gets exited to see food coming
.learns to sit up
.learns to roll
.some able to sit alone
.can copy facial expressions of others such as smiles frowns at as early as 2 days old .when talked to may coo or make other sounds
.responds to sounds

.Startles at loud sounds
.smile at mum
.crys in order to tell parents emotions such as hunger, wind, sadness, fear,illness. .laughs when happy and finds things funny.

6-12 month
.Loves games and songs
.anxious around straingers
.may cry or cling when mum/day leaves a room
.playes alot with toys
.crawls and rolls
.can sit alone
.walkes when holding on to furniture
.picks things up
.triples weight
.some nap twice a day
.babbles with alot of sounds
.imitates sounds
.points at familiar things
.develops memory
.likes to stack things
.likes to put things in containers
.say a few words not all

.Babbles alot of sounds
.reconizes words and phrases
.says few words [not always clear]
.if something is missing ie...toy baby will try find it
.responds to own name
.develops memory and rou
.may show fear or anxiety over people
.likes to remail close to parents
.shows feelings eg..happy sad exited
.seeks comfort when upset
.sences others feelings

1-2 years

.loves playing with parents and likes repetitive games
.may imitate actions such as talking on toy phone
.shows intrest in other children and may play

.by 15months child is able to walk alone
.at 15 months child uses hands to push down and push legs up to stand .by 1 year child is able to push themselfs on four wheeled bike .child is curious and likes to touch alot and open and close things .by 2 child is able to run

.some can remember games pictures colours
.have no fear and does not know about danger
.understands simple sentences and simple commands
.is able to concentrate for a short period of time

.child speach develops alot around now going from only 10 words around 15 months to 100+ words from 18 month to 2 years .childs laungage understanding is improving
.will speak out feelings like ‘ow’ and sore’
.by 2 years child is able to tell clearly what they want like’go away’ and ‘no’

.child may be attached to parent
.may show frustration in [getting it right] with eg...building blocks stacking them .gets upset when left alone
.mood changes quickly from happy to sad
.enjoys phisical contact
2-3 years
.shows affection for others
.is able to play by there selfs
.imitates behaviors
.begins to be more helpful
.may begin to show chalanging behavior
.runs forward
.helps dress and undress
.can jump
.can kick a ball
.climbs on things
.bends over
.the ability to hold a pen and put it on paper
.is able to say 1000 words
.can play with there imagination
.may sing and remember the words of songs like twinkle twinkle ittle star and enjoys them . uses 2 or 3 woords and puts it in a sentence
.speach is understood
.understands demands eg... stop , go up...
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