Computerized Sales and Inventory

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1. Introduction
1.1 Background of the Study
Technology results computerization which has been a common part of our everyday needs in this world. Rapid advances in technology have helped to meet these demands of society. Computerization has been somehow revolutionized the modern world which ushered what we called the “Information Age”, where knowledge has become accessible and available to everyone. The proponents have witnessed its evolution, and even its enormous benefits. Due to this, its importance can no longer be denied.

The modern age of computerization made it plausible on business and corporate organizations to keep up with the demands of their industries. At present, most businesses are equipped with the latest Information Technology Systems that allow them to function fully and effectively in the efficient delivery of their products and services. But still, some small and medium-scale companies still rely mostly on pure human efforts to do some tasks.

Through Sales and Inventory System, the importance of computerization is vastly utilized. A system is a set of detailed methods, procedures, and routines established or formulated to carry out a specific activity, perform a task, or solve a problem. Sales and Inventory System is one of the most important systems on process of any business because it involves the management of products, materials, and equipments which is vital on production management. Inventory is a process of counting products and listing goods and materials available in stock by a business. An inventory of stocks consists of all the physical assets of a business. It is usually performed in order to know the availability of products. A sale is the pinnacle activity involved in the selling of products or services in return for money or other compensation. It is an act of completion of a commercial activity. The Sales and Inventory System is made necessary in order to keep inventories at their optimum levels to prevent either out-of-stock or overstocking. Inventory transactions include receipts, adjustments, transfer, and issues. This system is made to keep sales transactions organize. It also made to provide accurate and reliable sales reports as well.

Currently, the company is performing inventory using a manual system. Macabling Marketing and Construction Supply is located at National Highway, Macabling, Santa Rosa City, Laguna. The owner is Crisanta B. Labador, who thought of a business that will give good income for the family. The company was founded as a family business which started originally on making hallow blocks only by the year 1970. The business evolved and later on, it offered hardware needs and construction materials as well. At present, the business offers more than two thousand (2,000) different kinds of merchandise such as lumber, paints, electrical, pipes and plumbing. It has five (5) employees consist of one (1) manager, one (1) salesclerk, one (1) cashier, one (1) helper, and one (1) truck driver. The company do not actually have inventory procedures. The management will just know when to order items to the suppliers if the products were out-of-stock or if the manager thinks that items were in minimum quantity. In their sales transaction, it is composed of the salesclerk responsible for listing customer’s order then will check and verify products if available in the log book or in the warehouse. Along with the items, the salesclerk will then compute for the total amount using a calculator and will pass the list with the counterpart prices along with the customer’s payment to the cashier. The cashier will check and re-compute amount then issue an official receipt given to the customer. In case of large type of items ordered, the salesclerk will give written list of ordered items in advance to the helper to prepare. The company encountered problems such as in monitoring their products due to manual searching in...
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