Computerized Recorrd Keeping

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Scope & Delimitations

The proposed Computerized Student Record Keeping will enable the registrar to organize and to keep the necessary information of the student in a much easier way.

This system will provide the necessary records of the students including their past and previous grades, their subjects that they take up and the subjects that they will going to take up. This system is also enabling to provide the student record when the student needs it immediately or if the record like grades and subjects is not release on time. And in this system the students can also update their record like their grades and subjects.

The said system can add a student information and grade as like as the enrollment system and grading system if it is needed.

The tuition fee, credentials like f-137, f-138, good morals, computing of grades and other miscellaneous fees are not included in this system.

Significance of the study

Having the system entitled “Computerized Student Record Keeping”, can give a big help to the ff:

To the Registrar
It will provide a complete information of the students regarding their previous, current and most especially to their next subject that they will take up, not only this but also they provide all their necessary files that they need whenever they want to update their entire records. The registrar can also update the student regarding their prerequisite subject, if they have failed grades, and if they have a subject that they can’t take up.

To the Students
All students can easily update themselves to their subjects from the very start & to the very end of their school years in SFICS by receiving a hard copy of their records. And they can easily know the subject that they cannot enroll.

To the Admin
The admin can search and view the student’s record for this semester, or for this year, or for his/her entire schooling.

To the Future SFICIANS researchers
This study will provide them an overview about the...
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