Computerized Patient Info and Billing System

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Computerized Patient Information and Billing System were prepared for the Patricio-Valle Maternity and Surgical Clinic to explore options for implementation of the said system to improve the current system which is manual file system. This software can be used to keep track of the patients registering in a clinic. Also, this system support accessing the previous visit histories of any patient, search for patient by name and other properties etc.

Patient information and billing system includes the basic information about the patient and billing records.

Statement of the problem

The main problem of the study is the manual system of record keeping and billing records in the clinic. The person tasked usually stores their records through index cards in a filing cabinet which happen to consume time and effort in organizing.

Patrico-Valle Maternity and Surgical Clinic currently has no Computerized Information and Billing System method nor does any types of technology to make the transaction easier. Living Hope Maternity and Child Care Clinic currently relies on manual file system methods to maintain their patient information and billing records of the clinic.

Specifically, this study attempted to answer the following problems: 1.How to optimize hardware and software usage?
2.How to generate accurate billing for the medical check-up/attention rendered? 3.How to develop a system that will help in the clinic?
4.How to test and improve the system?

Importance of the Study

The system described here is proposed to serve clinic or hospital systems as an adequate fixed asset system and to provide Computerized Patient and Billing model that offers support for costs of future medical program designs.

Many patient records are now computerized. This means quick and easy access to the patient information. Medical practices access a wide variety of information on patients. Computers integrate systems like laboratory...
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