Computerized Grading System with Sms Capability

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The 1988 local election paved the way to the creation and establishment of Colegio de San Lorenzo Ruiz de Manila. Dr. Gilda Figueroa-Carpio ran in 1988 for Mayor in the Municipality of Catarman, Northern Samar. Unfortunately, her efforts and charm was not enough in order to win the mayoralty position.. Nonetheless, it was also the time that she saw the sufferings and sad plight of her fellow Catarmananons, especially in the delivery of basic health services in the far-flung barangays of Catarman and the rest of Northern Samar.

Her electoral defeat and sad experience was her big challenge, thus, Dr. Gilda F. Carpio did not make her time fruitless and idle. She made a complete turnaround of her dreams and priorities for public service, from politics to academe.

With the help of her beloved husband who is likewise a doctor in profession, Dr. Rolando Recibe Carpio, a native of Aklan, they founded the San Lorenzo Ruiz de Manila School of Midwifery on September 28, 1990, a non-stock, non-profit private educational institution. The school was named after the first Filipino Saint, San Lorenzo Ruiz de Manila. It was Dr. Rolando Carpio who was chosen the name to honor San Lorenzo whom he believed was instrumental in the recovery of his sister from stage IV cervical cancer.

Like any other business or profession it was not made easy for the couple, especially the establishment of the building and facilities, but because of their persistence and desire to establish and start the operation of the school, they decided to sacrifice their own residential house in Barangay Calachuchi, Catarman, Northern Samar and converted it into a two room school. The first initial enrollment consisted of 78 midwifery students.

A woman of vision and determination, Dr. Gilda Figueroa-Carpio did not stop in the mere offering of midwifery course. Under her directorship she took the pride and courage to offer the Nursing course and Elementary course in 1993 and eventually the Medical Technology course in 1994. Likewise in 1997, three (3) courses were offered, namely: Bachelor in Elementary Education (BEED), Bachelor of Science in Commerce (BSC) and Bachelor of Arts (AB) Major in political Science. Eventually, the name of the School was changed from San Lorenzo Ruiz De Manila (CSLRM) to cater the new courses offered.

In 1991 Dr. Rolando R. Carpio and Dr. Gilda F. Carpio constructed a three-story building at the back of their family house in order to accommodate the increasing population of the school. The sprawling garden was converted into a lobby of the school. A new lot was acquired for the new school and elementary department has been housed. In 1994 a new laboratory building was constructed for nursing and medical technology students. Up to the present construction is still going on especially with the offering of TESDA Courses, which started in 1998. What the school has achieved from 1990 to the present is quite enough but for the school Officials and staff it is only the beginning towards the fulfillment of a dream for academic excellence and its continued effort of upgrading the faculty, research and its physical facilities. CONTEXT OF THE STUDY

CSLRM had proven enough, population of the students had blown up from hundred to thousand. Thus decelerate on some old system of CSLRM are starting to be noticed, because most likely it is not equipped to operate on a last number of student. Indeed a room for an upgrade to this old system is highly necessity. One of the possible upgrade that CSLRM could consider are on the field of their grading system, because at present CLSRM still utilized the annual grading system at registrar office. Registrar takes the responsibility of holding the grades of the students a week after the final examination; the grades submitted by every Instructor will be compiled and kept by the registrar for student’s inquiry/getting of grades.

Some cited problems by his manual grading...
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