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Computer vs Teachers

By Only2S1 Apr 14, 2013 766 Words
Vorsino, M. (2012). Teachers explore ‘flipped’ class. Honolulu Star-Advertiser To be chosen to experiment in the last semester of school to change your criteria from traditional learning or instructing to mentoring and discussion in the class and assigning computer base homework to finish teaching the kids through practice and tutorials online. In this article it started off with just one teacher to the whole school getting involved in the concept of flipping class, which means to stop teacher in front of the class and walk around the class to assist with problem solving, showing more projects and to cancel lecturing in the class. Teachers advised that the old traditional ways of teaching children were becoming more unresponsive and not paying attention while they were up in front of the class teaching. All the teachers approved of the change because it was stated that the children that needed help were asking for help and the children that were excelling continue to keep excelling because they are able to work at their own pace. Jacobs, W.E.; English, M. (2011). Counter point: Laptops are not essential to public education. Points of View: Laptops in School, 2011, p2-3, 1p

With public schools they have computer lab, so what is the pros and cons of having a laptop for each child that attends school. The benefit to each child getting their own laptop is being able to look up resources, get help with their assignments, and access to databases. The downside outweighs the benefits the cost for every student to have a laptop, the maintenance of all the laptops, and how to ensure that every child is doing the responsible thing with their laptop. How can teachers monitor that the students in class are not playing games, not in chat rooms, or on social media pages during school hours. Keane, J. (2002). Teacher vs. Computer: Where educators stand in the Technology Revolution. The Journal Online-Technological Horizons in Education

The base of this article is to inform that not only teachers need to be educated on computers to be able to teach students on how to effectively and properly use the web. How teachers can set criteria to have for students to do and then expect high standard because there is so much information that is on the web, they would not know where to start. This article promotes that teachers and students learn together on how to utilize the fast search engine and to narrow there topics to exactly what your teacher is looking for. Before the web was common it took a couple of days to research a particular topic in the library or other resources. Tucker, C. (2011). Teachers vs. Computer: Showdown for the Future of Education? Blended Learning and Technology in the Classroom-Word

Today’s fear are coming true for a lot of teachers, the ones that like to enter act with their students getting to know each and every ones personalities. Teachers wonder if a virtual class can get the sense of feeling as though they are important and that their teachers understand them. Technology is good and can get them ready for the workforce but can a computer help them solve everyday problems. A computer can only do simply demands like math problems, show you the atmosphere and stars and help with history research but can they get you to learn and retain the information that you are looking up? Teachers are a vital aspect of children’s life because if you explain a lesson and the student feels as though they might not have gotten the lecture full the teacher can try another approach to help, can a computer do that, No, you can look up others ways on the internet to try and explain but there is no grantee that there is help out there. Rotherham, A.J. (2012). Can Computers Replace Teachers? School of Thought

Steve Jobs was quoted in this article that technology can never fix or replace what human beings can bring to the table. Jobs advised that the teachers union would not allow for teachers to be extremely obsolete, he also stated that technology is distracting. Even if Apple can launch a successful way to eliminate textbooks and convert them into their format for the iBook this ideal will still need teachers to assist with converting everyday life into a better understanding of what you read or heard. Most people are pushing for this great ideal for computers to take the replacement of teachers so that the teachers union can become obsolete.

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