Computer Lab Managemetn System

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Management system is a proven framework for managing and continually improving the organization's policies, procedures and processes.This may encompass information sharing, benchmarking, team working and working to the highest quality and environmental principles. It helps the organization to achieve these goals through a number of strategies, including process optimization, management focus and disciplined management thinking. Implementing an effective Computer Laboratory Management System can help to manage social and environmental, financial risks, Improve operational effectiveness, reduce costs, increase customer and stakeholder satisfaction, protect the brand and reputation, achieve continual improvement, promote innovation, remove barriers to trade, bring clarity to the marketplace. By using a proven management system, this will able to continually renew mission, strategies, operations and service levels. ( SPEED COMPUTER COLLEGE is a computer school belongs to tertiary level, duly recognized both by the Commission and Higher Education (CHED) and TESDA. Back in 2010 our institution enrollment succeeded to a percent of one hundred and fifty. Our computer facilities intends only into a very limited units so that our Lab supervisor easily maintain and create schedules for students who has a computer subjects. By this time, Speed Computer College again increased by staggering a percent of two hundred enrollees. One of the main problems of Speed Computer College is that the laboratories do not have enough assistant. All of the assistants are students, which makes it difficult to find staffing for early and very late hours. And another is no budget to hire assistants who are not students. Computers also break down, which creates a limited number of functioning machines. Fixing...
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