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Composer Paper

By Kimaria1 Apr 16, 2013 1071 Words
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
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The composer I chose is Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart for my composer report. The reason I chose this composer is because his life was very interesting to me. I learned things that didn’t know about him until we read about him in class. His life was so interesting that someone wrote a movie about him and several books have been written about his life and work as well. His work has made a lasting impression on the world and our society. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was brought into this world on January 27, 1756 by his parents Leopold Mozart and Anna Maria Pertl in Salzburg, Austria. Mozart was the last to be born out of seven children, but unfortunately he and his older sister, Maria Anna, were the only two who survived in birth. Mozart’s father was a successful composer and violinist. With his father being musically inclined he and his sister caught on to the feel of music quickly. Both Mozart and his sister had God- given genius when it came to music. Their music education began at a young age. His sister was a gifted piano player by getting lessons from her father and Mozart learned how to play the piano as well by listening to Maria’s lessons, he also learned the violin by his father. Mozart accomplished these greats by the age of six and at that same age he and his family went on a concert tour. Mozart, his father, and his sister were on this tour together and at the end of their tour the family worked for an archbishop’s concert. Mozart wanted to escape from the archbishop but couldn’t leave. His family went to Vienna and there was where he could finally be free from the archbishop. He moved to Vienna and instantly became a success. Mozart went on tour with his mother and later met a man, Fridolin Weber, and his daughters, Aloisa, Constanze, Sophie, and Josepha. Aloisa was a singer at the opera and she had a beautiful voice and had a natural sense of music. When Mozart saw Aloisa, who was 15, he instantly fell in love with her and vowed to write arias that will make her famous. After he made that vow Anna Marie, his mother, became ill and it grew worse until July 3, 1778, when she passed away. Mozart later found out that Aloisa became famous and she ended all communication with him. After this ordeal to show his love for his crush it caused the family to go into debt. Mozart was forced to accept a position under the Archbishop to relieve the debt. Shortly in November of 1780 he was asked to write an opera for the Munich carnival and he left his job at the Archbishop to write it. He was gone too long so they fired him. He later moved into the Weber family’s house. His father didn’t approve Mozart’s living quarters and wanted him to move out but something was stopping him from doing that the younger sister of Aloisa, Constanze Maria Weber, stolen Mozart’s heart and he fell deeply in love with her. Constanze was a singer like her sisters but was did not become famous like Aloisa because she was far from a diva. He found joy in the love he had with Constanze and they married in August 1782. In the later centuries people have called Constanze mindless, a sex kitten, and a murderess. Despite all of these assumptions the only person that really knows how Constanze was as a wife is Mozart himself. Constanze later became pregnant and had the same pattern of having children like Mozart’s parents. The couple had six children but only two have survived after birth, two sons Karl Thomas and Franz Xavier Wolfgang. Mozart was very ill in the year 1791 and later died in Vienna on December 5, 1791 at the age of thirty- five. He became ill so quickly that rumors started spreading that he was poisoned until a physician analyzed Mozart’s body and concluded that he died of heart failure caused by rheumatic fever and excessive bleeding. He was buried in a pauper’s mass grave along with other people’s bodies nobody knows where his body is now. Mozart had a short life and within his short life he managed to write 41 symphonies, 21 concertos, 13 serenades, 23 divertimenti, 35 sonatas, and 12 duets. Within that one short lifespan Mozart had time to write and compose all of those pieces of music. He started his early work at the age of six when he wrote his first symphony. He wrote different symphonies for different instruments like the piano, violin, french horn, clarinet, and bassoon. The orchestra was the main music group he wrote for. His music was sometimes accepted by society in different phases. When he wrote a new symphony it became popular but it wasn’t memorable so the symphony stayed at the arena. Unfortunately, it took his death to make his music famous and popular. His wife continued to fight for his music to be in society and also other artists used is music as an influence for their work. Countless of composers and performers have played his symphonies and has given him credit for his masterpieces. In the 21st century his work is still being played and appreciated by countless orchestras and composers. Mozart will always be in music no matter what century and time. The new generation needs to be introduced Classical music ranging from Mozart to Beethoven. This kind of music can help expand a person’s mind and cultural because of the way it was composed. I personally never paid attention to Mozart and all of the other famous composers until I took music appreciation in college. I will expand my library by trying to listen to more of his music and find ones that I like and listen to them more by downloading it on my cellphone and mp3 player. Work Cited

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