Competency Statement 5

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Competency Statement V
On my class every morning, we welcome the kids. I start a short convesation to se how they are feeling ,if they are sick ,or is someting is going on at home. Teachers ask questions like : How is your morning today? Do you walk, get the bus or you ride a car to school? You look petty today! You have a big smile today! They anwer whith a long conversation while they wash their hands. During breakfast I see if the are coughing ,red eyes or something i dont see the day before. When i see a bruise i ask ,what happen?how did you do it ? does it hurts ? And thats how i began my observation of the day .

HOW TO USE INFORMATION FROM MY OBSERVATION TO COLLECT MY RESOURCES.. I chose a child ,look at the needs that he had base on the obsevations taken. Teachers files the observtions and make note of every thing they can use for they resource ,they share with parents on parents conferences so they can help at home too. WHY OBSERVATIONS AND DOCUMENTATIONS ARE IMPORTANT.. They are important because this include medical records,contacts,and basic needs of the child, keeps up-to-date records (such as attendance, accidents/incidents reports,child health and emergency forms,etc) as required by regulations or policies, sharing informations with parents, specialist and other center personel,only when appropiated. HOW TO ENSURE YOU ARE OBJECTIVELY OBSERVING AND TRACKING CHILD'S DEVELOPMENT AND LEARNING PROGRESS. When you start to see that the help you give to the children is helping them to see a big difference betweenbefore and after you made the observation. That's why is very important to make observations and documentations for every child in your classroom.By doing those two thing you know you are tracking and observing accurately, to meet a good learning progress.

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