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Comparison of the Minister's Black Veil and the Scarlet Letter

By iimusic69 Apr 03, 2013 384 Words
Comparison of The Minister's Black Veil and The Scarlet Letter English III

The Puritan society was very judgmental. In both the Scarlet Letter and The Minister’s Black Veil, author Nathaniel Hawthorne showed how people tend to judge before the truth was revealed. there are many similarities between Mr.Hopper, Dimmesdale, and Chillingworth. All three characters hid something very important in their life.

In The Minister's Black Veil, Mr. Hooper is a character that changes as his church members change. Mr. Hooper changed internally as he struggles with secret sin and his first appearance in the black veil shocks and even frightens the individuals in the church however, as time goes on, the veil is almost seen as routine to the congregation. In his older years, he becomes referred to as Father Hooper, and is honored by being asked to speak at the Election Sermon. Even though his place within the church is higher than it was before the addition of the veil, people still treat him with some suspicion.

In the Scarlet Letter Dimmesdale is the pastor that everyone respects just like Mr.Hopper, yet he is slightly unhappy. Unlike Mr.Hopper who wear the black veil but becomes more happier, Dimmesdale slowly rips himself apart mentally throughout the book trying to decide whether he should come out with his secret or lie to everyone. Dimmesdale's entire life is a living lie because he preached to his congregation about being pure and not sinning yet he committed one of the worst sins possible in the christian faith. In the end, he gave in and confessed his sin which is unlike Mr.Hopper who died with his sin unrevealed to anyone.

Chillingworth begins in the story as a gentleman, but he slowly turns evil when he realizes what happened between Dimmesdale and Hester. He tortures Dimmesdale everyday like clockwork, and tortured him mentally. He turns extremely evil in his quest for revenge and continues to torture Dimmesdale and drive him crazy. Dimmesdale changes from a priest to a sinner and Chillingworth changes from gentleman to an evil killer.

In conclusion, The Puritan society would judge anyone even a pastor. Nathaniel Hawthorne showed how people tend to judge before the truth was revealed in both the Scarlet Letter and The Minister’s Black Veil.

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