Comparison of Mongol Effects on Han China and Russia
Topics: Mongol Empire, Silk Road, China, Genghis Khan / Pages: 3 (527 words) / Published: Apr 10th, 2014

Comparison of Mongol effects of Han China and Russia

In the time period of the 900-1200’s there was a power that was not to be ignored and this power grew to influence the the way trade was conducted, military strategies, and cultural and political influence that still has an effect on the world today, through the Mongol Empire. They spread to become the largest empire in history and spanned from Russia to China, whom will be compared in political differences and economical ways that fundamentally pushed these civilizations to what they are today. In China and Russia there was an increase in trading that grew because of Mongol support of trade. This became through the process the revival of the Silk Road that stretched from the mediterranean and into China which in turned increased European trade in Russia, north of the mediterranean and into China. Because of this support of trade they also uplifted merchants into higher social status, however this was more prominent in Chinese culture. This increased the economic wealth in both societies. However the levels of increasing wealth differed and that is why the political aspects of Mongol influence started to sway. In Russia the Mongols realised the lack of true wealth or potential growth in commerce so they left it under their own political rule. The Golden Horde decide that a proper way to maintain order in Russia was just to tax, highly, and asked for tribute as their service to the Mongols. They maintained this dominance by asking these taxes from the high social status which were the princes of Russia. In China, however, the Mongols took on a more political role but with a tolerant mind set of their societies. They increased the status of merchants and had a more prominent role in their government than in Russia. For example they appointed foreign friends such as Marco Polo as bureaucrats. They moreover left the imperial structure the same by leaving their nobles as their political heads. Trade continued

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