Comparison of Crucible and The Great Gatsby

Topics: Salem witch trials, The Crucible, John Proctor, Love / Pages: 2 (462 words) / Published: Oct 2nd, 2014
Deanna O'Neal. Per1

Pride plays a crucial role in a man's life. It can sometimes be so important that it determines one's fate. The Great Gatsby is truly a story of love and war. "Man meets woman, they fall in love, the lose eachother, woman finds another man, and someone dies." The Crucible however, is a story of society and war against man. "Man is accused of an action, loses respect of the town, has to "protect" his family, (during time of Salem witch hysteria) someone does in the end. The death of these characters are partially based upon the result of their pride and love for others. In the novel Gatsby loved Daisy, he was also "in love" with her though they weren't together for so many years. They had met again, had an affair, and it all came to an end. Gatsby's pride and love for Daisy had led to his death. Of course Tom had contributed but, it was Gatsby who had taken the blame for Myrtle's death. In the book Gatsby would always go to extreme measures to satisfy Daisy, and when Myrtle was killed he took the blame just to protect her. In the Crucible, John Proctor was the character who was killed in the end. His pride wouldn't let him "admit" to conjuring spirits. He had to protect his "name" (reputation) and he had to protect his family. During that time if u were accused of "conjuring spirits" or "witch craft" you then become the worst kind of criminal, the kind that no one could trust, and your "name" was bad forever. John simply did not want to be known for that so his pride could not let him admit to such false "accusations". John and Gatsby are alot alike, being that they both died on the circumstances of protecting their pride, and loved ones. Gatsby was under different circumstances because he did not understand that it would cause death. Proctor was aware that he would face death. Gatsby was protecting Daisy, proctor was protecting his family. It was Gatsby's undying love, and hope for Daisy that

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