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Topics: Ford Mustang, Ford Torino, Automobile Pages: 1 (751 words) Published: October 27, 2014

Alyessea Kreyling
Trans College Writing
The car that of my life
My current car is a tan Dodge Neon and my dream car is a midnight blue Ford Mustang. My best friend has my dream car until he sold it but his mustang was two toned silver and black with a red pin stripe around it. I drove his car before he sold it and the car just spoke to me because it gave me this feeling that the car was made for me. Just the body style of my dream car is wonderful because it’s the muscle car type instead of the sports car type. My current car don’t give me the feeling that the car is made for me it just give me the feeling that I do have a car to get me back and forth to school. The differences in the engine, exterior, and the interior of a tan Dodge Neon, which is my current car, and a midnight blue Ford Mustang, my dream car, are significant because of the feeling they give me is different and just the way they look.My tan Dodge neon has a 2.0 engine and a 12.5 size fuel tank. The exterior of my car has gloss paint and on my back door windows they have white browning signs on them. My car has cloth seats and has a cassette player and not a cd player. My car is a four door vehicle and my dream car would have two doors. My current car has a more rounded look like a sports car that my dream car wouldn’t have. My current car don’t give me a feeling of pride like my dream car would. What makes a car my dream car is the way it looks and the feeling it gives me. My car doesn’t measure up to my dream car because its not the way I want my car to be but at the moment it works because my dream car cost more money than what I have to get my dream car.

My dream car is a Ford Mustang that would have a 4.0 engine and a 16.1 size fuel tank. The exterior of my car would have a metallic paint job that would be midnight blue because midnight blue is my favorite color and it looks good on a car. The interior of my car would have to be leather seat but with seat covers so I...
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