Comparing Women In The Crucible 'And Macbeth'

Pages: 3 (619 words) / Published: Jan 7th, 2016
In The Crucible and the Macbeth, the two playwrights have portrayed their depictions of women differently; Abigail has been shown to be fearful whilst Lady Macbeth is fearless. In Macbeth, after King Duncan has been killed, Lady Macbeth repeats what Macbeth says to him “A foolish thought to say a sorry sight”. The use of sibilance (alliteration of the ‘s’) has been used to show Lady Macbeth’s authority over Macbeth but also explores her manipulative nature. The sounds of the sibilance’s could imply the hisses of a snake which can refer back to when she persuaded Macbeth into actually committing the crime by telling him to be the serpent under the innocent flower, this might be used here to remind Macbeth of why this crime has been committed; it shows that Lady Macbeth is affectionate towards Macbeth and is keen towards keeping Macbeth on the right path, this is seen from the word be ‘foolish’, which has conations to silliness and absurd, can …show more content…
The author has used sibilance to this to show that Lady Macbeth more intellectual than Macbeth which allows her to manipulate him with ease, again, suggesting that she doesn’t have any affectionate emotions but can be argued that she is doing all this for the sake and the wellbeing of Macbeth. However, in The Crucible, Abigail is shown to be full of emotion and fearful (even though she was the mastermind of the whole story), this can be seen when she is persuading her friends about keeping the activities in the forest a secret, “Now look you. All of you. We danced… That is all.” In this scene, the use of simple sentences suggest that Abigail cannot think straight as she cannot formulate a proper sentence so she keeps on losing her trail of

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