Comparing Rebels: Lucas Jackson and R. P. McMurphy

Pages: 1 (447 words) Published: October 27, 2014

Lucas Jackson and R.P. McMurphy are two completely different people when comes to being a rebel. To be a rebel it means to go against the law which fits Lucas Jackson but not McMurphy he only acted the way he did because it was in the best interest of the patients in the ward. Lucas jackson repeatedly broke the law simply because he could. R.P. McMurphy is a man who likes to get into fights cause chaos and escape the ward sometimes but he never broke the law. When McMurphy bashed his big hands through the nurses quarters window it was purely an act of breaking free from the bonds that nurse Ratched had tight on him. Another stunt of McMurphy’s visit to the ward would be when he raised up the idea to move the cleaning schedule back to watch the world series  McMurphy does this in order to push nurse Ratched ,he wants to see how far he can go before her head bursts. McMurphy also does this in order to encourage the patients of the ward to stick up for themselves against this woman who is controlling them like puppets. So McMurphy being the wards messiah only lead them to rise against their puppet master to cause chaos a revolution which means that McMurphy was never a rebel in my eyes. In order to understand what it means to be a true rebel you must look at Lucas Jackson aka Cool Hand luke. The night that Lucas Jackson was arrested he was drinking out on the street at midnight , why, because he felt like it. So then he starts unscrewing parking meter heads but he doesn’t take the money out of them , why, because he felt like it. In order to be a true rebel you must do what you feel like doing whenever you want to because you can. The next thing  is that you must not care for the consequences that come as a result from your actions. When Lucas Jackson and  Dragline fight Lucas just takes a beating without a care in the world he just keeps getting back up like Jesus rising from the dead. Also When Lucas’s mother dies he is thrown into the box because the captain...
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