Comparing Organizational Structures in Richer Sound and Any World Travel

Pages: 2 (469 words) Published: September 26, 2010
Unit 5 People in Organisation M2


In this task I will be compare and contrast the organisational structures and job role in richer sound and any word travel.

|Similarities |Differences | |Richer sound and any world travel use a |Richer sound has a tall hierarchical structure. Any world travel has a flat | |hierarchical structure with layer authority.|hierarchical structure. | | |Richer sound tall hierarchical structure has a longer chain of command and span | |Both organisational structures begin and |of control is narrowing different to. | |chain of command manger at the top of the |Any World Travel who has a shorter chain of command with wider span of control. | |structure. |Functions in any world travel is indistinct because Ann-Marie have to do it all | |Both have a clear chain of command with a |with herself because of the organization but in Richer Sounds the functions is | |managed at top making all decision. |clear with many different director controlling each department | | |The decision making in Richer sound organisation can be slow as workers include | | |seeking approval high up the chain but in Any World Travel the employees are able| | |to make their own decision or aspect directly to the manger. | | |Management cost is also a high as these are fewer subordinates for richer sound | | |and many managers’ directors. Any World Travel cost expected to be low for the | |...
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