Comparing 'Landlady And The Tell-Tale Heart'

Pages: 1 (187 words) / Published: Nov 9th, 2017
Between the two stories, “The Landlady” and “The Tell-Tale Heart,” the question of, Who is the Most Evil Villain occurs. The landlady is the most evil villain because, for one she poisons Billy with a poison called cyanide. Whereas the narrator from “The Tell-Tale Heart” killed the guy by scaring him. Another reason the landlady is more evil is because she stuffs the people and the animals herself. In the text of page 79, is says, “It doesn’t look in the least bit dead. Who did it?”
“I did”
“You did?”
“Of course,” she said. That is more evil then dismembering and hiding someone's body, which is exactly what the narrator did. Finally the last reason the landlady is more evil is the fact that she keeps the bodies in her house. In the text it

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