Comparing And Contrasting Spontaneous And Scripted Talk

Topics: Academy Award, Audience, Interview Pages: 3 (1565 words) Published: April 25, 2015
Comparing and Contrasting Spontaneous and Scripted Talk – Harry McDowell

Matthew McConaughey’s scripted Oscar acceptance speech took place on main stage at the eighty-sixth Oscar award ceremony in Hollywood whereas his press interview was held backstage afterwards. The form of McConaughey’s acceptance speech is scripted with very well prepared sentence sequencing which is the opposite to his backstage interview that has a spontaneous form which shows that he was giving non-scripted responses to the press. The purpose of his scripted Oscar speech is to accept the award for which he won for his performance in the film Dallas Buyers Club and to thank all the people that helped him in the process, which included fellow actors such as Jared Leto, the film’s director Jean-Marc Vallée and his family. In contrast to this, the purpose of the backstage interview was to answer some of the questions from the press who are providing world wide media coverage in which was broadcasted to members of McConaughey’s fan base. McConaughey’s acceptance speech was given to a live audience in the auditorium consisting of fellow actors and colleagues however the speech was also being broadcasted to millions around the world on live television. His interview that followed with the press was given to a few media crews without a large television audience viewing live. In both the speech and interview his soft Texan accent stays the same for the most part however there are times at which he reveals his personal accent which consists of a mix between Texas and Louisiana, Texas being his home state and Louisiana the southern state from which his father is from. This personal accent is most evident at certain parts in his speech. For example when he pronounces “my life” there is a slight draw on the ‘I’ making it noticeably different from other American accents, which is why, it stands out to listeners. He tends to use his personal accent more in the interview as he is in a more...
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