Compare Your Responses to ‘Kid’ by Simon Armitage with You Responses to One Poem Carol Ann Duffy and Tow from the Pre-1914 Poetry Bank

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Compare your Responses to ‘Kid’ by Simon Armitage with you Responses to one poem Carol Ann Duffy and tow from the pre-1914 Poetry Bank

Poets use features of form, structure and language to force the reader to respond in different ways to different poems. Different methods of language are used by poets to produce different feelings about a speaker or generate descriptions of certain people.

‘Kid’ by Simon Armitage is a poem focusing on the partnership of Batman and Robin. It is a monologue from Robin’s point of view following his split from Batman. Also the poem is not only about the Batman/Robin partnership, it can apply to more general life experiences and the society of today.

As a reader I felt that Robin was showing his true feelings towards Batman. Robin feel that he has bee Batman’s right hand man and feels that he has always been dominated by Batman and feels much less superior than him, “Batman, big shot, when you gave the order…” This suggests strongly that Batman gave the orders and Robin had to obey.

Furthermore it is clear, as a reader that this is a very unequal relationship which is reinforced by countless metaphors such as ‘Kid’ and ‘You without a shadow”.
In addition Simon Armitage uses different styles of language to express Robin’s feelings of injustice and his immaturity in his attitude, “When you gave the order to grow up, then let me loose to wander leeward…” The effect and impact of this use language is that we can see clearly how frustrated Robin is but also how immature and arrogant he appears to be.

Similarly the poet uses tabloid headlines and catch phrasing which adds to the humour of the poem, “Holy Robin-redbreast-nest-egg-shocker!” and “Holy roll-me-over-in-the-clover”. This effective use of humour forces the reader to read more to discover other feelings that he wants to express.

Moreover Armitage uses effective rhythm and pace to reinforce the strength of Robin’s anger and frustration “…now I’m taller, harder,...
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