Compare How War Is Conveyed in ‘the Yellow Palm’ to ‘at the Border, 1979’

Topics: Gulf War, Iraq, Saddam Hussein Pages: 2 (887 words) Published: June 17, 2013
Compare how war is conveyed in ‘The Yellow Palm’ to ‘At the Border, 1979’

The poem ‘The Yellow Palm’ and ‘at the border, 1979’ both relate to the conflict and the aftermath or consequences of the gulf war’s at the time of Saddam Hussein being in power, they also present the conflict by telling the reader of the consequences of the chemical warfare and gulf wars during Saddam Hussein’s reign. The two poems ‘The Yellow Palm’ and ‘at the border, 1979’ both show and explore their ideas very similar to each other. ‘The Yellow Palm’ gives an eye witness account of what the poet Robert Minhinnick saw as he walked down ‘Palestine street’ which is the features street that is repeated at the beginning of each stanza. The poem shows the various things he saw as he walked down Palestine Street. ‘A coffin made of glass ’. Right in the first stanza it immediately shows the results of conflict as this obviously suggests that someone is dead. The line right after ‘a coffin made of glass’ says ‘and the face of the man who lay within who had breathed a poison gas.’ This line can show the cause of his death, but it also has a key linking to the chemical warfare which Saddam Hussein used upon his nation. Unlike ‘The Yellow Palm’, ‘At the Border,1979’ shows the perspective of what I believe is the poet Choman Hardi when she was 5 (who was born into a Iraqi controlled Kurdistan.) and her family fleeing from the chemical attacks on the Kurds and they’re escaping the conflict and suffering by fleeing to Iran where they’re safe from the conflict. The feelings displayed throughout the two poems are very different however they share some of the key feelings. For example they both show pessimism towards the warfare and conflict that present around them. They also both seem to show a more of a personal view upon what the people involved with the poems are seeing within them. For example in ‘at the border,1979’ is showing what 5 year old version of Choman Hardi is seeing and explain that...
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