Compare and Contrast: Professiona and Amateur Sports

Topics: Professional sports, Football, Amateur sports Pages: 4 (1242 words) Published: April 12, 2013
In the United States, both college and professional sports have been put on a pedestal in our culture. Whether you or a family member are involved in a local recreational team, or you’re at home on Sundays to watch your favorite professional team score, majority of us have all one way or another contributed to the glorification of the industry. Although similar, there are many more differences between collegiate athletics and professional sports. While some athletes play the sport strictly for fun other athletes gain education and a career in the respect of sport. The sports industry has become one of the most profitable businesses in our time. No matter where you rank on the totem pole, whether it is a college star soccer player or a NFL linebacker, you want a piece of the pie, but it comes with dissimilar life aspects. There’s a dream that bonds them together, but an upped ante that separates the two.

Professional athletes primarily play sports to earn a living and entertain spectators. College athletes often regard sports as just a hobby or possibly a way to earn scholarships. One of the biggest differences between professional and college-level players is the availability to play or continue playing the game that they desire. Professional players often face more scrutiny than college athletes due to the drafting process, pressure of being successful and delivering, and being upheld to a higher standard regarding their image. There is always someone younger, faster, stronger and willing to steal the limelight. Competition among college athletes is not the stressful, unforgiving environment it is in the big leagues. This comparably passive level of competition makes it easier to ensure that you will be there for the remainder of your years attending that particular institution.

A major distinction is the fame aspect. Professional athletes are progressively being recognized for their talents, and in return receiving star treatment. Athletes...
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