Compare And Contrast Community College Vs University

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I think everyone can agree in today world it is becoming more and more necessary to be college educated it has become very difficult to make a living without one. So when student graduate from high school they face a difficult decision. Student have their choice of going to a 4-year university, or a 2-year college. Although universities and community colleges serve the same purpose, the two differ in many ways. Things like their learning environment, convenience, admission requirements and tuition. So what really is the best option for students today community college or university? Comparing University and Community college the first thing that many people consider is the difference in price. Certain Universities have higher tuition rates than others. But nearly all universities are more costly than 2 year schools. In 1974 the average American family earned a little less than $13,000 a year. Attending a four-year private college cost around $2,000 a year which was not so difficult for a middle class family to afford for their children. As for public university it was as very affordable 510 dollars a year. To put these prices into current dollars (inflation). A median family would yield an income per year of …show more content…
Compared to universities, 2 year schools are very affordable to most Americans. Yearly tuition in the 4,500-dollar range is on average less than half the cost of public four-year colleges and about one-tenth the cost of private four-year colleges. 2 year colleges are able to keep tuition low because they are often supported by local tax revenue including things like not having to upkeep facilities such as dorms. Schools like this are make college a reality for many people who wouldn’t have gone otherwise simply because it is cheaper. As a result, students who spend two years at a community college and then transfer to a four-year college spend less money for the same bachelor's degree as their

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