Compare And Contrast Audubon And Annie Dillard

Topics: Bird, Human, Evolution Pages: 3 (555 words) Published: March 29, 2016

Since the beginning of time, nature has been a great source of wonder and inspiration for mankind. Writers have composed about a wide range of the spectacular elements of planet earth from the mightiest of oceans to the most idiosyncratic species of insects. Both John James Audubon and Annie Dillard describe their personal experiences of witnessing large flocks of birds in flight in their own respective passages. The two authors have similar experiences but they describe the birds in different ways. Both descriptions are full of colorful language style and diction, however their two different crafts differentiate the way the event is described.

In his account, Audubon, provides technical information about his account. He notes the year and the place, being careful to provide landmarks for the readers. Claiming he spotted it during “the light of noon-day” which gives the reader an approximate time of day. Futile attempts to make a scientific count of the flights despite the sheer...

In both passages it is noted that the number of birds is far too great to count. Both passages make use of metaphors and similes to make the description of the flocks more vivid. In Audubon's passage the birds are likened to a giant serpent. In Dillard's they are an unending banner. Both authors engage multiple senses by describing not just the sight but also the tremendous sound that so many birds make.

In reading both passages it is clear that the authors both wanted to stress to the reader what an overwhelming sensation it is to witness that many birds in flight at the same time. Audubon includes enough extraneous detail about his experience that it is clear that his passage is referring to a specific event that he experienced. Dillard's passage is less journalistic and more evocative. Despite having different effects in the end, both of the passages convey extreme appreciation for the natural world and all its...
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