Compare and Contrast

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Cross Country vs. Track

People always ask "What is the difference between Cross Country and Track, all you do is run, is there a difference?" Just because both of these sports have to do with running doe not mean that they are the exact same. I agree there are some similarities in the two but there are also a lot of differences. To know the differences you have to have some experience and or knowledge of the sports. The reason I know how they are similar and different is because I participate in both sports for many years. "On your mark, get set, GO!" In Cross Country and Track both of them start this way. Once everyone is in their spot the gun man says those very words and then raises his arm to shoot of the gun which starts the race. Even though they both start this way each of them have their own positions to stand in. In track some of the events stand in different lanes. The reason why they do this is because certain track events have to be lined up this way in order for a fair run. In Cross Country everyone stands behind one vast white line that stretches for at least 500 meters. This significant comparison because depending on where the event starts, determines how well the race will begin. The main differences between these two sports are the distance in which they run. Cross Country runs from 2 miles all the way to 3.1 miles depending on which course you are on. In Track the longest distance you run is 2 miles which is eight laps around the track. Once you hit college the distance gets extending and more intense. In college Cross Country you run from 3.1 all the way to 6.1 miles depending on if you are a male or female runner. In college track the most you can run is a 10k which is many laps around the track. Even though they have different distances to run you still have to apply the same mind set and same race plan in order to achieve the best P.R – which means personal record. In both sports you have to be mentally prepared for your event or the...
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