Comparative essay

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Comparative Essay Outline
My two uncles Francisco and Eleazar
I. Intro-Have you ever had favorite uncles.
A. I have one was named Francisco
B. The other one was named Eleazar
II. Appearance
A. My uncle Eleazar
1. He is short
2. His body is very bulky and muscular
3. He is 43
B. My uncle Francisco
1. His height is short
2. He is chubby
3. His skin is dark
4. He is also 43
III. Personality
A. Eleazar
1. He is a very serious person
2. He never jokes around
3. But he has a strong heart for his family
B. Francisco
1. Very funny
2. Always makes jokes
3. Is always laughing
4. He is never upset
IV. Similarity’s
A. They are both drunkies
1. They drink at least a six pack of beer every day
B. They both come from the same background and state
C. They both have love for they’re family’s
V. Conclusion
A. Despite their differences I still love them

My two different uncles
Have you ever had two favorite uncles at the same time? I have, they always fill my life with joy and happiness. Their names are Francisco and Eleazar. They have always been there for me and have never failed me. Despite their differences they are still the best uncles anyone could ever have. Here I am going to tell you something about them.

In appearance they are very different, but to me they’re perfect, For example my uncle Eleazar is short. He is very built almost looks as a rock because of his muscles. He is 43 years old. While my uncle Francisco is short as well but on the other hand he is very dark skinned. He is also very chubby due to all the beer he drinks.

When talking about personality they are two very distinct persons. All of this does not change a thing. My uncle Eleazar is a very serious man. He is never joking around. He loves his family and comforts them the best way he can. Francisco on the opposite side is very funny. He always has a joke to tell you. You will never stop laughing whenever you see him.

Even though they have their differences...
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