Company Overview of Omron

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“At work for a better life, a better world for all”

Prof. Ray Titus

Aditi A Kulkarni
Amritesh Saxena
Neha Buruju
Sanghamitra Barua
Sangram Mishra

1. About Omron:
Omron is a leading global supplier of sensors, control system components, advanced electronics and related services. It thrives on its ability to identify social needs and innovate. Omron was founded by Kazuma Tateisi an electrical engineer who started his career was at a hydroelectric plant for the Japanese government. Later in 1922, he was transferred to Inoue Electric Manufacturing Company only to quit the company in 1929 after the New York market crash. Being an inventor and innovator by nature he rented a factory in 1930 to produce his inventions and later in 1933 founded the Tateisi Electric Manufacturing Company. Tateisi Electric began with the production of X-ray timers and later moved into producing many other sensing products. Later in 1948, Tateisi began selling household products under the brand name “Omlon” and later adopted the name “Omron” in 1959 for easier pronunciation in foreign languages. Omron was known for multiple engineering firsts. Omron spent huge amount worth 4 times its capital on building an R&D laboratory in 1960. Omron was the western Japan competitor to eastern Japan’s Sony. Omron introduced various new and innovative products in the market. Some of them were vending machines capable of dispensing various items, ATM machines, and health devices like stress meter, automated traffic signal, fully automated train station and many more. In the mid and late 1970’s during the oil crisis, Omron exited businesses, restructured and invested in R&D. In 1990’s it released a “Golden 90’s Plan” which focussed on 3 areas i. Industry

ii. Society
iii. Daily Life
Omron’s focus was both on innovation and corporate citizenship and this was expressed by the creation of a corporate citizenship charter in 1991. By 2002, it had finished restructuring and now had 5 business lines, containing 85 business domains each with revenues averaging $50M. Profits grew rapidly form 2002 to 2007 also it changed its organizational model and mindset due to its increase in China-based manufacturing. Major Developments in OMRON's History

1. Improving Productivity in the Manufacturing Industry: Meeting the Automation Challenge (1933-1960) 2. Enhancing Lifestyles in Japan: Facing the Challenge of the Cybernation Revolution (1960-1970) 3. Creating a New Kind of Interaction Between People and Machines: Meeting the Needs of the Advanced Information Age (1970-present) Development and growth of Omron:

“At work for a better life, a better world for all”- is the motto of Omron Electric. All its values and principles stem from here. Omron believed that society rewards innovation and business excellence with profits and thus they believe in investing more in the society for more rewards. It believed that innovation cycles lead to major breakthroughs in scientific knowledge which influence society and work as a force for social transformation. They applied the SINIC (Seed-Innovation to Need-Impetus cycle) model to identify the new product lifecycle. It considered industrialization, mechanisation and automation as the major pillars for the company’s growth. Omron success was based on its core principles that is delivering to the society and meeting the needs of individuals and organisations. Omron produced a wide variety of products globally. Few major ones are shown in the product timeline below. Fig: Product timeline

Global Breakthrough Innovations:
* Safety light curtains for industrial laundry’s safety * Solder paste sensor
* Solution to integrate Japan’s railway fare card system * Fuzzy logic
* Improving mobile antennas
* Food detection biosensors
* Solar power controllers
* Technology to prevent...

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