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Topics: Community, Evaluation, Community organizing Pages: 2 (514 words) Published: June 20, 2011
1). What is community organizing? Community organizing is when communities are helped to identify common problem or goals, mobilize resources, and in other ways develop and implement strategies for reaching their goals they have collectively set. 2). What are the assumptions (identified by Ross) under which organizers work when bringing a community together to solve a problem? There are seven assumptions that were outline by Ross. 1) Communities of people can develop the capacity to deal with their own problems. 2) People want to change and can change. 3) People should participate in making, adjusting, or controlling the major changes taking place within their communities. 4) Changes in community living that are self-imposed or self-developed have a meaning and permanence that imposed changes do not have. 5) A “holistic approach” can successfully address problems with which a “fragmented approach” cannot cope. 6) Democracy requires cooperative participation and action in the affairs of the community, and people must learn the skills that make this possible. 7). Frequently, communities of people need help in organizing to deal with their needs, just as many individuals require help in coping with their individual problems. 3). What is the difference between top-down and grassroots community organizing? Top-down is when an individual who recognizes the community problem is not a community member; instead they are from outside of the community. On the other hand, grassroots are those who are affected by the problem/concern who, initiate community organization are members of the community. 4). What is meant by the term gatekeepers? Who would they be in your hometown? Gatekeepers are those who control, both formally and informally, the political climate of the community. However, the term indicates that you must pass through this “gate” to get to your priority population. In my hometown, I would have to say that the Mayor plays a role of being a gatekeeper. 5)....
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