Community Development Dynamics in Ghana

Topics: Development, Millennium Development Goals, International development Pages: 30 (9329 words) Published: July 30, 2011




“Community Development Journal Articles: An Interns Experience with Africa Assistance Plan in Sunyani”

Placement Supervisor:
Ms Doris Donkor, (AAP)

Internship Journal Submitted by:
Michael Addaney
ID Number: 1000 10 01

8th April, 2011

Executive Summary

The purpose of this report is to explain what I did and learned during my internship period with the Africa Assistance Plan (AAP) in the Water and Sanitation and Micro Finance Programmes respectively. The report is also a requirement for the partial fulfilment of Trent in Ghana (TIG) international development studies program. The report focuses primarily on the assignments handled, working environment, successes and short comings that I (intern) did encounter when handling various tasks assigned to me by my supervisor.

Because the various parts of the report reflect my shortcomings, successes, observations and comments, it would be imperative that the recommendations are also given. Therefore the report gives a number of comments and recommendations on the internship programme.

It is hoped that this report would serve as a cardinal vehicle to the improvement of the internship program.

Table of Contents

Executive Summary
Acronyms/ Abbreviations

1.0 Introduction
1.1 Background
1.2 Objectives of the placement
1.3 Methodology
1.4 Overview of Report


2.0 The Definitions, Concepts, Theories and Framework of Development 2.1 The Theory of Development
2.2 Development Framework in Ghana
2.3 The National Development Planning Commission Act in Ghana 2.4 The Development Mandate of Non-Governmental Organisations in Ghana 2.5 Role of Faith-based Organizations in Social Change and Development in Ghana


3.0 Profile and Overview of African Assistance Plan
3.1 Background of African Assistance Plan
3.2 Problem Statement
3.2.1 Lack of Adequate Potable Water in Rural Africa/ Ghana
3.2.2 Inadequate level of Income
3.2.2 Poor Standard of Education in Rural Africa
3.2.4 Lack of Adequate Affection and Care for the Orphaned Children in Ghana 3.3 Vision and Mission Statement
3.3.1 Vision Statement
3.3.2 Mission Statement
3.4 The Scope of Work of AAP
3.4.1 Water and Health
3.4.2 Micro Finance and Economic Empowerment
3.4.3 Child Support and Education
3.5 Strategies Adopted for the Activities of AAP
3.5.1 Construction and Rehabilitation of Bore-holes in Deprived Communities 3.5.2 Giving of Micro Loans to the Economically Powerless in Society 3.5.3 Operating New Life Orphanage Home with Basic Education at Nsuta 3.5.4 Skill Training and Development

3.5.5 New Life Word Missions Children’s Ministry in Sunyani and Nsuta 3.6 Target Communities/ Groups/ Individuals and Operational Areas 3.7 Organisational and Institutional Network
3.8 Programmes and Projects Undertaken by AAP

4.0 My Role as an Intern in AAP
4.1 Placement Expectations
4.2 Documentation and Writing of Report on Water and Sanitation Projects 4.3 Field Visitation to Micro Credit Beneficiaries
4.4 Writing of Web Development Content for the AAP Web Creation Project 4.5 Facilitation of Business Management Seminar for Micro Credit Beneficiaries’


5.0 Placement Assessment and Evaluation of AAP
5.1 The Relevance of the AAP’s Mandate
5.2 Effectiveness and Appropriateness of AAP’s Strategies
5.3 The Impact of AAP’s PPA’s on Society (Programmes, Projects and Activities) 5.4 Self Evaluation of the Placement
5.5 Personal Development through the Placement
5.5.1 Skill Training and Development on Community Mobilization 5.5.2 Practical Training on Micro Finance for Development
5.5.3 Skill Training on Child Care and Development
5.5.4 Practical Training on Water and...

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