Topics: Medical prescription, Food and Drug Administration, Drug Enforcement Administration Pages: 3 (1158 words) Published: December 9, 2013
Parts of a prescription
1. Prescriber information: The doctor's name, address and phone number should be clearly written (or preprinted) on the top of the prescription form. Some states require the doctor's state license number to be on the form. It is not recommended that you preprint your Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) number on the prescription pad. It becomes too easy for drug abusers to lift a few prescription forms for illicit use if that number is easily available. The DEA number is not required on noncontrolled prescriptions; however, many pharmacies may request the DEA number with a prescription to help when filing the patient's medication insurance claims. For those who do not use their DEA number: Prescriptions are often counted by the DEA number. If that number is not used on prescriptions written by optometrists, the count will not reflect an accurate number of prescriptions coming from our profession. This will affect the support optometry receives from pharmaceutical companies in terms of service, educational program support and involvement in pharmaceutical clinical trials. 2. Patient information: This portion of the prescription should include at least the first and last name of the patient and the age of the patient. Many names such as "Smith" and "Jones" should include the complete name and address to help distinguish patients with similar names. An address is required on schedule II controlled drugs and should be included on prescriptions for any controlled substance. When the exact age is unavailable the word "adult" may be used in the age slot. Children and the elderly may need the weight listed when oral medications are prescribed. 3. Date prescribed: The date is part of the legal document confirming when the prescription was written. Pharmacists are often presented prescriptions with dates that are well past the prescribing date. Some patients elect to save prescriptions for future use. This often includes antihistamines and...
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