Communications Paper

Topics: Communication, Culture, Nonverbal communication Pages: 3 (841 words) Published: May 6, 2010
Communication Paper

Ana Espinoza


April 29, 2010
Zack Zardo

Communications Paper

Attitude is the first thing people usually sense in communication. Communication is a process by which information is exchanged between individuals through a common system of symbols, signs or behavior. There are two different types of communication, verbal and nonverbal. Verbal communication usually means spoken or in some cases signed, as in American Sign Language, it also includes; rate, volume, pitch as well as articulation and pronunciation. Nonverbal communication is facial expressions, body movements (i.e; shoulder shrugs, slight shutter in the body (at the sight of something disgusting)), diversion of eye sight (example: flirting, staring, looking away when looked at. Great example from Wiki is, a man comes home late, he hears from the kitchen the slamming of pots, pans and cupboard doors. He enters the kitchen, asks his wife, “What’s the matter, honey?” She answers, “Nothing!” as she slams another cupboard door. Now she has spoken the word “Nothing”, but it is her unspoken communication that tells him that “Nothing” is not the real answer. It is clearly communicated by her actions. Men and women are really not the same. Their thinking, acting, communicating and many other behaviors are different. One can make broad generalizations about males and females. The primary difference between these genders is that men are resolvers and women are relaters. Being resolvers, men tend to focus on doing, resolving issues, finding solutions and solving problems. As relaters, women generally focus on pleasing, understanding, feelings, communicating, exploring emotions, making connections and being understood. An opposite gender can understand differently than the other because we all perceive things differently. For example, one gender can see the glass as half full, and the other can see it as half empty. Even though it is the same thing,...

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