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Studies have shown that the number of cases of breast cancer amongst women has slightly decreased. However there are many women that are unaware on how they can protect themselves. It is for this reason I have decided to create this dramatic piece to show some of the causes and preventions of breast cancer can be controlled by the woman herself. This piece describes an evening at home, where a younger sibling educating the elder about her habits which can her to develop breast cancer, and that she can try to rectify this before it’s too late. The dramatic piece was chosen because it reflects a situation that occurs in reality. This play is intended to be performed publically for women above the age of thirty. The purpose of the dramatic piece is to educate women on simple causes of breast cancer, and how they can protect themselves.


Breast Cancer: It Can Prevented
Scene 1
(It is 8:00pm. Janet is at home looking at the programme ‘The Doctors’. She is currently at the age of 23 and is pursuing the study of medicine and finds the topic being discussed to be very captivating. Joline, Janet’s elder sister is the opposite of her, loves to go clubbing and does not like the world of work.) Joline: Why u lookin at dese foolish people? Dem eh no nutin. Janet: Girl look here, I looking at it, not you. Your comment is not needed. Joline: Why not? I doh want tuh watch dis set ah good-foh-nutin people wen I could be watchin Grey’s Anatomy. Like you eh see how handsome Patrick Dempsey does look. Now daz ah doctor tuh look at. Janet: And what exactly do you learn from that show? Joline: Hmmm… Leh meh see eh. Well ah know dat Meredith like Derrick, Christina jus in bad luck cuz she cah find ah man and Alex and Izzie married even though she have cancer. Janet: Speaking of cancer, do you know anything about cancer? Joline: Does it look...
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