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Today’s technology is a challenging avenue for people to adapt a community of change and development. One of the widely introduced changes in the society is the existence of online social networking worldwide. According to Ron Jones’ definition of social networking as stated by Siapera (2012, it is essentially a category of online socializing where people are talking, participating, sharing, networking, and bookmarking online. Everything now looks great when one creates a profile within a particular site and starts to get involved in this type of virtual communication. Needless to say, social networking sites have drastically altered people’s means of communication especially among youth.

Socializing becomes colossal because of the tools that help people to mingle and communicate with others such as instant messaging, e-mail and comment posting in particular to online social networking. This trend is growing. Nowadays, people, especially teenagers are highly interested in this kind of communication either as a form of socialization or as a means of self-expression. With just a click away, one can have the opportunity to connect with millions of users across the world. These only show that online users are really into a society of popular social networking and spending too much time for this does not also exempt the possibilities of acquiring the effects of it to the communication skills of youth particularly the students.

Online services that are based around the building and reflecting of social relations among individuals are said to be popularly used by frequent online users in sites such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and Friendster. They vary slightly but still possess a common feature, which enable users to create a profile within a website and allows them to interact with each other through the aid of email, instant messaging, and others. What has been previously discussed is just set of examples involved in online social networking. The main concern here is the involvement of youth to such of these virtual communications. Youth are faced with enough challenges learning how to interact with their peers and the world around them. It would be too much to handle both studying and online socializing especially when they are still considered minors. Unfortunately, most young people do not understand the risks associated with social media. That is why this new interaction could prove to have lasting positive and negative effects on them as students particularly in their communication skills.

Furthermore, this research basically focuses on studying the outcomes on the exposure to a particular social networking site to the oral communication skills of the said students. This is currently a concern so readers can definitely relate to the thoughts and ideas discussed further by the researchers. The popularity of this trend is not going to reduce in the near future but instead will continuously widen its impact to people especially to the young ones.

Review of Related Literature
The concepts and studies presented in this section have direct bearing to the development of this research study. In the age of technology everything has become fast paced including the growth of social media. But it is in society and culture that social media have brought about the most profound changes. Considering these together it may conclude that social media contribute to the rise of a personal communication society (Campbell and Park, 2008).

Modern conveniences such as the creation of social networking sites (Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, and Twitter) for interaction have shown a variety of influences. Within the social networking spectrum exists the activities of instant messaging (IMing), blogging, and posting (comments, status updates, and videos). Online Social Networking

Within recent years, technology has also made available different avenues for communicating. The...
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