Commemorative Speech

Topics: Prince, Dog, Veterans Stadium Pages: 2 (875 words) Published: December 3, 2014
Robert Clarke
Commemorative Speech
Due: 11/19/14


Who rescued who? You were a rescue, from a rescue, from being abandoned on the side of the road. The woman who first found you was a complete stranger to me, she was just another customer who came into my store. But through the course of our talking she told me your story, of your time with her and her husband.

She found you wandering down the road, no collar, no tags, no one looking for you. You were either an underfed Basset Hound or a slightly fat Beagle. Your tail had broken at some time and was never fixed so you had this odd kink in it, it would come to be known as your “kick stand’ when you sat down. She tried to find your owners but no one ever stepped forward. Her and her husband had been looking for a dog to keep him company. He was a long haul truck driver and they figured you would be a perfect co-pilot, luckily for me you were not.

Turns out you had a few issues with being left alone, I would be too if I was abandoned. As it was told to me, whenever the woman’s husband pulled into a stop and got out of the truck you would jump up onto the driver seat and press your paws on the horn. Not the best thing when you are pulling into a stop for the night and have to use the bathroom. Besides your separation anxiety, there are far worse issues to come. The woman’s husband had to be taken to the hospital, twice, turns out he was allergic to dogs. Since they had never owned a dog before they had no idea, again lucky for me. So now this brings you up to speed to your past that I know of.

The woman left agreeing to meet me after work that evening and bring you along. I spent the rest of my shift waiting to meet you and make you mine. The time came and as I walked out of work I saw the woman and her husband out front. They both got out of the car and I started to hear you bark. When I first saw you, there was no question in my mind that we were meant to rescue each other. You had these...
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