Column Behavior Buckling

Topics: Column, Buckling, Compressive stress Pages: 2 (396 words) Published: March 20, 2014
Wood columns of various lengths were tested for strength and their ability to buckle. Using a compression machine, multiple wood columns are placed into compression until their critical yield was reached and depending on the length, they can buckle or get crushed. A graph showing the critical load vs the slenderness ratio was used to display several results obtain from the experiment.

The general aim of this experiment was to find whether the short, intermediate, and long column buckle when the critical load is reached. Various lengths of wooden columns are selected and are subjected to an axial compressive load to a point where the beams either buckle or get crushed. This experiment also tries to find a way to find a range of values for length to decide where the beams buckle or get crushed by finding the slenderness ratio. Theories and Equations

Equation 1∶ P_cr=(π^2 EI)/(KL)^2 Equation 2∶ σ_cr=(π^2 E)/〖12(KL/d_min )〗^2 Equation 3∶ σ= (0.51/〖SG〗_exp ) σ_exp Equation 1 is the formula to find the critical load that will cause the column to buckle and Equation 2 is the critical stress that will cause the columns to buckle. Equation 3 is the formula to find the adjusted stress using the SG values obtains from the experiment. Procedures

Part One – Measurements
Retrieve 5 wooden samples of different length and measure and weight the wood samples. Next calculate the theoretical Euler buckling load and stress by using Equation 1 and Equation 2. Part Two – Computer

Use the computer to control the compression machine, load the samples onto the machine, enter the require information on the computer, and press start. Measure the Max stress and max load that the computer printout.  

Analysis of Results
Graph 8.1 shows the transition from short columns, intermediate colums, and long columns. The transition shows...
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