College Tuition Cost Benefit Analysis

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An interesting topic that has recently been on my radar more than ever has been the idea of rising college tuition. I have experienced this first hand over the last year or so in my college search in comparing the exponential cost of private college tuition. In fact, I grew up in a town with the most expensive school in Minnesota being Carleton College with a cost of over 60k a year. Growing up this environment so close to me, I can recall many times in which I had questioned why a higher education could cost such an outrages price, it wasn’t until the last couple years that I understood that many factors come into play in order for schools to determine their tuition costs. One interesting point that was brought up was that the idea that private...

Because of this rising competition between universities to bring in more students. Some students call this a waste of money and a distraction from what really matters in higher education which is education not a movie theater, but it’s still necessary to the success of school’s enrollment and unfortunately continues to raise private colleges rates. Another thing to consider on tuition is how much money the school spends on athletic programs this relates back to competition between schools because school’s must constantly be improving their facilities and staff in order to have a successful program thus bringing in potential athletes to their university. What tends to happen is that schools end up having to spend a large amount of their budget in order to remain competitive each year. The issue that prevails from this is that the students who are not athletes rarely benefit from these improvements and still have to fund it year after year, which is why many students refer to this as unnecessary...

This is often supplemented by financial aid such as scholarships and loans.” (Leyla) This low income is a tiny chunk compared to the $31,231 for tuition even with finical aid a scholarships supplementing this, but still force’s many students to take out many loans. On the contrary, many places around the world tend to have free or as close to free college, which I am a believer in because I have always been for a country to invest in their people in order to better themselves as a whole. I actually have a friend who lives in Denmark who is paid to attend his college. This idea of free education supposedly is related to the fact that Denmark is considered to be one of the happiest countries in the world with very low suicide rates and very high education completion...
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